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Had to interject back to the main focus on this blog including some random musings of course.

Mark Rowan and Cristobal Gayosso are completing a project this week wrapping up on the NC/SC border in North Carolina at Fairmont GC . These are basic pushup bermudagrass surfaces that have been overseeded with poa trivialis. But with all the rain in the Southeast this past fall and winter, it has been tough to maintain a good sward in any growing season with a high groundwater table. That is why an existing greens drainage solution like XGD can help out our clients. We have had instant success at Fairmont already, so give us a call if we might be able to help out at your club.

The picture is of my latest purchase of playable hickory shaft clubs for pasture golf at Bruce Beach. I dig the cool old bag and mid-mashie, mashie and niblick wedges. Now I just need to master making good solid contact with this undersized head faces are pretty old school. I will let you know how they perform in some upcoming posts.

Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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