Barton Hills Country Club XGD Greens Recontouring

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TDIGolf began an extensive bunker restoration a few weeks ago and after Labour Day, Keith Kirsch and his XGD crew rolled in to begin recontouring five old classic Donald Ross greens to some of their original glory under the watchful eye of restoration architect Ron Prichard and course superintendent Tim Dark. TDIGolf and Barton Hills CC have a long history of working together on course improvement projects over the last 15 years and are excited once again to return to this great facility.

The drawings provided from Ron Prichard are meticulous and second to none, but he also provides great description on his specifications as well, treating each greens regrade as the unique situation that it represents.I will get right to the pictures that Keith has provided and they show a great step by step process for our team on green #11:

They begin the sod removal process above.

 XGD team begins bulking out 1.5′ feet with skid steer.

 XGD re installs/lowers existing XGD from years ago.

 XGD staff begins final tamping of reshaped/recontoured #11 green.

The look of the newly reestablished green swale “in the dirt”.

Sodding commences on #11 green.

Closer up view of sodding/finish work from our exacting team.

Finally, the lovely finished product above. What a great opportunity that Barton Hills CC is undertaking to restore several of these old greens to some of their original Ross splendour that gets lost over the march of time.

Please reach out to us at XGD Systems if we might be able to help your facility obtain some budget numbers for your next capital improvement project.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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