Blue Jays in First?

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At 21-12,and the best record in the American League at the time of this post, this is the finest I have felt about my old ball team in a while. Maybe, when I use the term old, I am referring tour manager Cito Gaston? Gaston was guiding the ship when the Jays won back to back World Series in 92,93. And perhaps I am jumping the gun on this 2009 version, but they seem to resemble the 08 Rays in my mind. Any tiny resemblance to that team is a good thing.

But what a division the AL East would be if the Jays were relevant all year long. Really, if the Jays young arms can hold together like they have so far, and can run Doc Halladay out there every five games, then you stand a good chance of being successful regardless of the competition, which are iffy on the mound, at least Yankees and Sox may be, but the Rays are still deep here, and should win the division with that edge. Hopefully my Jays, can contend for the AL wildcard, which would be a huge achievement in a sports city devoid of recent champions.

Some will say the Jays have been putting up their big numbers against the also rans of the AL? This may be partly true, as I pull up the upcoming schedule for the Jays, it includes a lot of Rays, Sox, and Yanks. I counter with the fact that in the last several years the Jays have struggled against tthe teams”they are supposed to beat”, and have dominated against the better teams, including the Sox, Rays and Yanks. If the Jays have any chance, they will need to step up and win against the big boys this year too. Time will tell how that goes, but a good start to the schedule bodes well, and you can weather a funk later in the season and not drop out of the race, and as of right now the Yanks cannot, they are in a funk, and A-Roid isn’t changing that.

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