Cape Arundel GC Greens Restorations

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This classic old 1896 Walter Travis designed masterpiece recently received a little paintbrush of a restoration on its putting surfaces and fairway areas which were enhanced with our XGD Classic Greens Drainage Program as well as some fairway drainage works by our skilled teams. The plaque below depicts Travis’s involvement with this historic golf treasure along the tidal creeks of Kennebunkport,ME:

As a company and an individual it is an honor to have worked on some on these old classic pushup green unique golf treasures. I consider these greens as original as they could possibly be to Walter Travis’s original design, save for some sand bunker splashes. They are diabolical and hilly, curvaceous masterpieces, probably averaging less than 4500sqft each, which makes the humps and bumps on these greens ultra severe in these smallish putting surfaces.

This picture was taken in early April 2010 and superintendent Brendan Parkhurst was keeping his greens lean and mean from the get go, so they can become aggressive and promote deep turfgrass rooting in doing so. This shows the extreme in visibility for our laterals having received drought like conditions on these putting surface since our greens drainage install about seven months earlier.

Even with the classic course restoration by Bruce Hepner and TDIGolf, the original era of golf feels completely intact at one of golf’s timeless treasures in southern Maine. It is refreshing to see a club’s management staff embody this same stewardship of the original tract with its tidal creeks and old Scottish homey feel that takes every golfing visitor back to golf’s roots.

Well done, Cape Arundel GC, well done.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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