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“Here we go again”, a song lyric used often as an XGD season begins. Getting staff moved about the country is certainly challenging, yet rewarding when the planning all works out in the long run. Both XGD and TDIGolf have large crews beginning the historic restoration at Cape Arundel Golf Club in Kennebunkport,ME.
Under the guidance of Bruce Hepner from Renaissance Golf , TDI will renovate several tees bunkers, and along with XGD, construct significant drainage infrastructure, to remove surface and groundwater issues on the classic old clubs greens and fairways. The project begins tomorrow, and the club reopens again completely in early summer 2010 to rave reviews as all parties involved have invested a lot of time in caring about the details, which is key in this historic restoration.
The pictures above show the TGC XGD crew in action on #4 green, and some restoration of the sand putting surface at my home club, the oldest club in Bruce County. Stay tuned as I get to Cape Arundel GC this coming weekend to review the project progress and post some pics of this great old club, and the work we are completing there.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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