Country Club of Rochester, NY XGD Project

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XGD Supervisor David Welsh and crew recently fired up an initial two green greens drainage project at Country Club of Rochester for GCS Rock Holfoth who reached out to us late last summer to help “take his greens to that next level” as he put it so well. Rick has been happy with his green’s performance for the most part, however, they want the ultimate insurance against a heavy precipitation event, among other agronomic and playability advantages.

While Regional Sales Rep Mark Rowan and I were on site last week during a freakish 5 minute thunderstorm which we were lucky to get quick cover from, that blew trees down and left the sixth green playable, but with significant debris:

As you can tell, David just completed this putting surface the day before, and it is open and ready for play. The following pic illustrates a “green under the knife at CCR”:

While this final picture show how the GCS has been working on his subsoil structure with DrillnFill sand injection that is a great compliment to XGD in the past, present and future:

This club is typical of many of  the majority of our clients in that they are getting a “two green taste” of XGD this spring, and will evaluate if they like the process as the golf season progresses forward. Kudos to GCS Rick Holfoth for getting our installation team in this late spring, which gives the club the opportunity for a golf season evaluation of XGD.

XGD Supervisor David Welsh is helping an old industry friend of mine this week GCS Jason Hurwitz as he hosts the Constellation Senior Players Championship at his facility north of Pittsburgh at Foxchapel GC, a gorgeous Seth Raynor design. Good luck to all turf staff involved at Foxchapel this week.

So reach out to us at XGD Systems, in case we might be able to assist you in you showcasing your golf gem to the world.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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