Deep Infrequent Irrigation for Salt Flushing, XGD Can Help

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The often most under utilised cultural practice is deep,infrequent irrigation for your golf greens. I would guess that many superintendents would want to do this for their greens. However, in more arid climates it doesn’t rain enough to complete a natural flush with Mother Nature helping  fill all the pore space in the soil, until it reaches field capacity and releases all the gravitational groundwater.
This practice of a natural flush or a man-made flush is super important for a variety of reasons for golf greens. The most important being the influx of fresh oxygen in to the soil profile so that it can breathe again. Once field capacity is reached, I have heard some supers exclaim they can hear the giant sucking sound as the useless gravitational groundwater is sucked out of the soil and replaced with oxygen. While this is happening any other harmful gases that may have been building in the soil profile are removed and replaced with “air”.

This is shorty of of our crew in action in late late January, 2011 at Sierra View Country Club in Roseville,CA.This club was built in 1953, and designed by Jack Fleming which puts it in right in XGD’s wheelhouse in terms of the classic old golf clubs we routinely service.

Highly progressive superintendents would relish the opportunity to perform the deep flush more than they get the chance to do. In non-arid climates, this would help them attain their goals of firm and fast for the golf course. But, without sand greens with proper drainage or pushup, dirt greens that have not been retro-fitted with our XGD System the deep flush practice is worrisome at best. While it is great for the greens, without drainage, these greens may flush a little, but they also may stay dangerously wet for a few days after the flush in mid-summer leaving them prone to other turf diseases and unhappy member golf play. I believe this is where our firm can come in and be an aid to help the save the day so to speak. With XGD, our internal subsurface internal greens drainage process can eliminate the worry that can be associated with a deep, infrequent irrigation and become a long term aid in the management of your greens.
This is especially true in the semi arid regions of the US where a deep infrequent irrigation practice has an extra goal as well, of pushing the salt buildup deeper into the soil (which occurs after a season of irrigation with some form of bicarbonates/salt in the irrigation water).

So please reach out to us and maybe XGD can help your club attain its goals, be they deep, infrequent irrigation or for the ultra important oxygen exchange, or for salt flushing purposes, maybe XGD is the answer your club has been searching for.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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