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I have recently heard this again. That there is golf drainage contractors coming out of the woodwork everywhere??

Obviously this should be expected, with the new construction market almost all but gone, and restoration projects are being bid extremely tight.

Most golf restoration companies are desperately hungry for projects. This coincides with heavy precipitation events throughout 2009, and early 2010. After specializing in installing subsurface drainage systems for surface water removal only these companies are now groundwater removal experts. Suddenly, immediately, understanding, groundwater behaviour.
XGD Systems, a division of TDIGolf http://www.tdigolf.com/ , have been designing, installing subsurface drainage systems for golf clubs for over 20 years. Our farm drainage background before we even entered the golf market was the foundation for our firms success, as we were able to use our drainage expertise to help out a huge number of clubs perform at more optimum groundwater table situations. This allowed these clubs to basically complete their maintenance activities without worrying about the mechanical damage of turfgrass.
So, as that golf contractor walks through your door professing his new found love for installing subsurface drainage at your club, consider contacting XGD Systems and allow our years of drainage success work for your club. We are presently entertaining free telephone consulting service for any clubs that would like to begin a dialogue with our firm. Please contact us at 772-286-3419 for this opportunity.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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