Drainage on Golf Greens

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The mere thought of installing subsurface drainage in to existing putting greens can simply terrify most golf course superintendents http://www.gcsaa.org/.
Probably, with good reason, as some may begin to place mistrust in the general contractor performing the open heart surgery on their firstborn 18.

For instance, “I wonder how many greens this firm has done, or more likely, is this the crew’s first green?”
The answer with XGD Systems is 3000 greens, that’s right, across North America, over the last 18 years, we have made a transformation to the internal subsurface drainage standard in a golf putting green.
As to part II of that question, with regard to specific crew site experience: I personally monitor and formulate XGD crew staffs, partly based on years of service with the industry leader, this assures our clients and I, have project management with XGD personnel that have as much as 10 years of experience each. Other firms haven’t been around 10 years, or five years? I have blogged on this topic before, and I will scream it from the rooftops, our success at XGD is due to to our people, and we aim to always take care of our people, as we move about the continent procuring XGD installation projects in all 4 corners.

The picture above is evidence of typical finished product at XGD Systems. Once we pull off the green after a day or two, and turn the green over to the maintenance staff, they literally only have to roll and mow, and put the flag in to open for play. With our long client list, we have engineered drainage solutions for drainage problems on sportsturf applications, for over 20 years now. Contact us at www.greensdrainage.com to work with us as we develop drainage systems for your specific soils, installing our drainage pipes at our engineered spacing and depth to alleviate the high gravitational groundwater conditions your club may be experiencing.

Our water drainage systems, are another tool in the superintendent’s arsenal to help provide their respective club’s optimum turfgrass playing conditions, throughout the golf season and beyond.

Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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