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Whew. That game was way too close too comfort. The face I would have lost had the outcome been different?

Back to the business of XGD, and a recent project we did in a desert climate? Yes, you read right, a desert climate XGD install. One of our more interesting pics with the poa greens and palm trees in the background.
Why install XGD where precipitation levels seldom rise above 4″/year? Sodium Flushing.
A real problem for clubs in desert climates irrigating with effluent water high in salts is turfgrass rapid blight disease. Essentially, as sodium from effluent irrigation gradually build up in the soil profile it can get dangerously close to turfgrass root systems, and severely impact the plant by drying it out to the point of death.
Golf course superintendents with pushup greens then attempt a series of irrigation flushes to push the salts deeper in to the soil profile and out of harm’s way. While this is successful on sand greens, pushup greens pose a different problem. Generally, attempts at this are largely unsuccessful due to the fact that irrigating that heavily can lead to a host of other diseases. Add to that the fact the pushup greens are so soggy after this, that general maintenance practices are hard to achieve without damage, while the main problem is the golfing client loses its firm and fast conditions for sometimes a whole week while the green dries out.
Some clubs in this climate are turning to XGD as a means to really push the salts completely out of harm’s way(below turfgrass roots). As a result, with an XGD install these superintendents can now attempt a true sodium flush, without all the previous worries mentioned above, while providing their golfing clientele with playable conditions immediatley after the flush.
Let’s face it, irrigation water quality isn’t getting any better, not only in desert climates, but in most all climates, as someday we may see the day where effluent irrigation is the norm for most golf clubs.
XGD Systems http://www.greensdrainage.com/ will be monitoring this installation closely and we will update you how the results progress.
Until then, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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