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Just wanted to let everyone know that we are investigating the effects of the XGD process on sodium flushing.

Mostly in semi-arid to arid climates, irrigation water quality is poor at best, and numerous clubs are forces to irrigate with questionable water with high sodium. The salts tend to get hung up near the root zone and cause havoc with turf health. So, the superintendent’s ability to complete a flush of these types of greens to do anything, but drive the salts further down in to the soil profile where they are not affecting turf health.
While this picture isn’t quite how one would complete a salt flush, as we are talking about a lot of water including turning all green heads for extended period of time, at least until field capacity is reached. Performing a salt flush on a USGA type/modified sand green would be ideal, and would leave great golf playing conditions after the flush. Completing a salt flush on an undrained push up soil green is another thing altogether, as playing conditions after this modest flushing attempt are soggy for a week. This is where XGD Systems http://www.greensdrainage.com/ comes in to the rescue, to provide playability after the Flush!
Let’s face it, irrigation water quality isn’t getting better, and may get worse sooner than we think. Rather than rebuild those precious original greensites, perhaps XGD is the answer, to modernizing theses types of putting surfaces moving forward? We have already begun this process in the Northeast, where a few clients don’t use XGD as much for traditional drainage purposes, but as an end to a means of managing their salt layering issues, by incorporating the use of XGD in to their management plans.
I will keep you posted as we move this forward to more arid climates. I can’t wait for the results, as I truly believe XGD can help out a lot of these clubs, and provide them with options they didn’t have before.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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