Finally, a Decent Dusting

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This time last year we had over 3′ on the ground. Last night we got our first good snowfall, and I took full advantage of the outdoor options and went for a cross country ski and conditions were excellent. But, I expect to be pretty sore soon as this outdoor activity involves firing up some seldom used muscles, what a great workout. We received about 4″ of the nice stuff and the thermometer dropped accordingly outside as I was dressed for the winter escapade.
It certainly was a long time coming this winter for some decent snow conditions for skiing and snowshoeing. We had been at it a good 6 weeks earlier last year. Probably somewhere in between is the normal conditions, but these days even weather is mostly delivered in extreme conditions.
Over the next few days we should receive some more flurries, and hopefully have enough snow soon to break out the snowshoes before I return to work again. I will keep you posted soon on that and recap some more of our late fall XGD projects that we were were able to complete well in to Dec this year.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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