Firm and Fast, Can Internal Drainage Help

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The recent attempt to slowly return to less sensitive impacts on the golf ecosystem, managing your soil water would seem to make a lot of sense.

I mean to even increase the health of the turf sward in general by 1% would have an impact wouldn’t it?
The ability to roll out of bed each morning after a night’s worth of precipitation, and not at all worry about the general health of your greens. Or whether you can mow/roll them before the big tournament today without any hint of mechanical damage.
As can be observed from our nationwide client list, many clubs have simply benefited for the short and long term with our unique subsurface greens drainage system. Our earliest XGD Systems green has been performing admirably even after 17 years of use. Our installation technicians make the difference at XGD. A long term golf course drainage system of any kind relies on perfecting trench grading and preparation techniques that set the standard that everyone wishes to emulate. This gives all XGD clients a piece of mind when choosing our firm and entrusting those golf greens in to the hands of the finest turf surgeons in the business.
All that said, please contact us at to get a consultation to determine if XGD Systems might be a good fit for your club’s aging greens. Our process is not a silver bullet, and our team needs to determine the pertinent history and evolution of your specific greens. Sometimes, over a 100 years of turfgrass cultural practices have gotten your greens to where they are today. Our team will help provide another tool in your club’s arsenal to promote the opportunity for firmer and faster conditions on your greens, if the surface contours will allow it.
It cannot hurt to ask us , your superintendent, or anyone if our process may help out at your club. We have literally saved over 3000 golf greens from being rebuilt, in conjunction with tree removal and air movement improvements. True turf experts in this industry will tell you how it is in regard to the “Big Three”, sunlight, air movement, internal drainage. Growing grass really requires all Three, and 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. So, in a round about way to my blog title: Can Internal Drainage help you to get to firm and fast at your golf course? Well Yes, if other practices are employed to compliment the XGD System.
No, if 1 out of the “Big Three” is completed. If you only complete the internal subsurface greens drainage, your greens health may improve, but not to firm and fast without more sunlight and a large fan for air movement.
So please give us a call. Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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