Golf Clubs Are Open For Play During An XGD Greens Drainage Project

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I wanted to highlight this entry on the fact that golf does not stop for XGD, or our internal subsurface greens drainage process: Golf clubs are open for play during an XGD Greens Drainage installation.

Depending on the amount of crews on site, this inevitably leads to each client having only one temporary green during an XGD greens drainage installation. As you can see below at Shinnecock Hills GC, daily play is completely unaffected, and it is just another day at the club, with one temporary green. Honestly, the two golfers below seem completely unfazed by our crew in action…

 Once the green “under the knife”, is completed, it is immediately re-opened and our crew migrates to their next green at your club. Once our install crew completes a green, the superintendent will roll it and mow it, and stick the flag back in, and open for play.  This non-invasive surgical like internal greens drainage installation generally takes one to two days/ green, with the the green in full use upon completion.

As you can see above the maintenance crew at Shinnecock GC is prepping this green for an immediate reopening, and in the picture above can you really even tell we were ever there??

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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