Golf Course Fairway Drainage

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As most of our clients know we got our start on fairway drainage systems over 20 years ago, and with the success of XGD Systems on greens across the country, our fairway drainage teams have been in high demand as well.
All of our clients have been completely ecstatic recently, raving about the importance of our process as an aid to control the gravitational groundwater in your fairway soils.
Yet another plus recently has been the added benefit of how shallow our XGD fairway drainage systems are(14″ Minimum depth). This allows us at XGD to apply our greens drainage technologies right to your golf course fairway eliminating costly groundwater table issues in the future. Clubs who have recently benefited in the picture above are Lyman Orchards GC,CT . This widely acclaimed XGD fairway drainage project was installed in conjunction with our parent firm, in May of 2009, and has allowed the club to exhibit some of the dryer holes in the area, that are now some of the most picturesque as well. The project was overseen by Mark Mungeam ,and their firm was able to bring about stunning changes to the bunkers at this club.
XGD Systems is also just finished with the fairway drainage project at Cape Arundel GC in Kennbunkport,ME as well as Mark Rowan and Cristobal Gayosso completing an XGD fairway drainage project near sea level in MA, with great results so far as feedback is positive from the client. This installation in near flat site conditions, again allow XGD as the only answer in a lot of marginal grade situations on golf course fairways. Especially, XGD can aid your club up and down the east and west coasts that have been prone to high water table infringement, and with little to no grade to work with. Call/contact XGD for the possible answer to your fairway drainage problems.
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