Golf Members Are Expecting Firm,Fast Conditions After Torrential Rains

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I have been taking a lot of calls recently on the title of this blog. Of course it speaks to golfer expectations, but now is the time to give them  an answer on why the greens are not lightning fast after 9″ of precipitation over a four day period, and the greens are still wet a week out?  

Joe Member, our precious golf club has no internal, subsurface greens drainage to provide much needed insurance to our greens management program, to get our greens through July and August relatively unscathed.

In most normal weather event years, there is only a few more weeks left until September, and typically Mother Nature will provide relief to the high temperatures of the summer. But, the greens need to be nursed through these last 3 weeks or so, and more and more clubs are finding out that our unique subsurface greens drainage program can really aid them in doing so. By removing the damaging gravitational groundwater present in the hot,musty summertime soils we give your greens a fighting chance to reach September and begin a recovery of sorts, if need be.
So here is a few pics of one of our greens having been taken to the next level if you will with an XGD installation, what’s next you say?
Probably a regrassing scenario to help fight ice damage?
These are pretty typical scenarios facing most golf clubs over the past two summers for sure.

As you can see, these true pushups suffered from minor winter damage, and were really hard to restore due to cool soil temperatures kept cooler without an internal drainage system to help keep the soil warmer faster in the spring and fall and help maintain cooler greens soil temperatures during the heat of summer as well.

So reach out to us at XGD, as we are probably installing, or just plain visiting your part of the world very soon.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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