Greens Drainage Interceptors at Oakley CC

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I wanted to more clearly define the importance of the XGD Greens Drainage Layout and how it pertains to groundwater and surface water as it begins to enter the green cavity. Just the thought of any kind of water meeting a green cavity or greens surface should send chills up the super’s spine.
As the picture here at Oakley CC illustrates faintly in the greens collar a sod cut for the circular installation of an Interceptor greens drainage line just outside of the upper greens cavity, just beyond the already unnoticeable XGD greens drainage laterals all terminating every 6′ at the greens turf edge. Our competitors fail to grasp the importance of this concept probably because of cost and a lack of finely honed installation skills that altogether now encompass the XGD Difference.

I also wanted to impart the point that this green just had the non-invasive XGD surgery just completed on it a few days before and the only visible scar is in the collar. Kudos to our installation staff who are just doing their regular daily thing, but on a very high level unmatched in our industry.

But that was just an aside, as I begin to focus back on the need and/or importance of the greens drainage interceptor line. Without the interceptor in the photo above near Boston,MA subsurface groundwater and visible surface water will literally seep in to the greens subsurface and surface creating nasty wet areas on these extremely high traffic areas of the greens. In my 25 years of working with this issue there is one great thing I have learned about groundwater movement: the need to cut off the subsurface flow(which leads to surface flow in wet conditions) with interceptors or laterals that simply are placed perpendicular to the flow of the groundwater, and that are installed deep enough to accomplish the desired result(dry green edges). Also, keep in mind we install similar smile or mainline drains outside of the fronts of each green we complete, essentially providing all of our clients with near perimeter drains surrounding every green we do.I just made our unique greens restoration process sound really simple, but if it was there wouldn’t be a need for this specific turf industry.
So please contact us if you wish to at least begin a dialogue on our greens restoration process and see if it might be a great fit for your golf course green or fairway.
Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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