Greens Drainage Open Heart Surgery

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Not that XGD is anything akin to surgery,I wanted to drop a note with this video of Mark Rowan and his XGD installation professionals in a windy oceanic climate. Once he and Cristobal Gayosso completed the initial nine greens here, they embarked on a subsurface fairway drainage project to help this club lower the gravitational water table, to enable more suitable playing conditions and to improve maintenance characteristics.

As you can observe with the video below, are exacting installation pros are always going out of their way to ensure a permanent long lasting solution to their unique greens or fairway drainage issues that they may come across in their country wide travels. All the staff at XGD Systems , literally goes out of its way to ensure your greens or fairway drainage project is completed in a timely, yet effecient manner, so each client can recieve a long term solution to their drainage needs.
Enjoy, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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