Greens Subsurface Drainage System

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Just wanted to showcase an organic sequence of XGD stills from NCR CC this week. Beginning with our trenching operation through to our finished product. An amazing transformation indeed.
As you can tell from the images, the condition of this golf course is beyond immaculate. NCR CC decided to embark on this greens restoration project late last fall, and the long, cold winter impacted our completion dates. That said, now that the existing greens drainage has been installed, superintendent James Campion has already noticed a spiked drop in moisture levels on #7 green, as you can see at his link above. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?
After all our initial precision installations at golf clubs, we are almost always always back for more greens as funds become available in the next fiscal season. NCR chose to hire a highly experienced firm capable of handling time sensitive existing greens drainage installations. Please consider XGD Systems the next time your club decides to look outside its doors for installing drainage systems on the greens or for fairway drainage systems. Contact the proven national leader in customer satisfaction, your greens drainage specialists, XGD Systems.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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