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Just wanted to wish everyone of my family and business colleagues a very Happy New Year and generous wishes for a prosperous 2010. That is coming up quick and hard to say 2010 already.

As Bob Dylan once wrote”the times, they are a changing”. It couldn’t be more true than right now I believe. Technology is literally racing around us in everyday life. Mostly for the good if it enriches our lives, though the idiot box does complete the opposite effect of dumbing us down.
I use the holiday downtime to certainly reflect on the past year and strive to create ways to be better at what we do for our next client. Their experience with our firm should be an enlightening time for our customers as perhaps then, and only then, do they get a glimpse of our operation finally on their unique property.
This time of year I certainly do my share of reading, both casual, and for business. But, I can’t rest for too long, as before long I hope the phone will start ringing again as we have plenty of openings in the spring of 2010 as well as for the fall of this year. So, never be too afraid to contact us last minute as we have become quite creative in servicing all of our clients in our massive geographical market, in as timely a fashion as possible. You will be probably be surprised, as we may be already working at a club down the road from you.
Best of Wishes in 2010, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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