If the Bears can land Cutler, why can’t my lowly Maple Leafs aquire a superstar?

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Well, the easy answer to that blog title is because management, over the years, doesn’t possess the internal fortitude to pull of such a deal. That, and the fact that that Leaf brass has no urgency to do a deal like that when the house is full every night, and television revenue is off the charts. I am skeptical as well of our new GM, Brian Burke. Burke built good teams while in Vancouver and won the Stanley Cup in Anaheim, hardly hockey hotbeds. His motivation now is for his pay cheque, and he has the skills to talk himself out of difficult media situations. Burke seems highly concerned, along with Leaf coach Ron Wilson, in guiding Team USA to hockey gold at the 2010 Olympics. This doesn’t sit well with me at all. My prediction for the hockey future is a gold medal for USA in Vancouver and no Stanley Cup for the Leafs during his tenure. My hope is I am wrong on both counts, but we will see.
Switching gears to the XGD http://www.greensdrainage.com/ update, XGD’s installation project at Westchester CC is nearing completion and all parties have been extremely happy about the timeliness and the quality of the install. That crew is then heading to Lyman Orchards GC http://www.lymangolf.com/ in Middlefield,CT to begin a fairway XGD installation that will take that crew through to the end of May. This is another joint project with the mother ship TDIGolf http://www.tdigolf.com/ , along with golf architect Mark Mungeam http://www.csmgolfdesign.com/ . Our other XGD crews are completing a project on Cape Cod in MA. Those crews are then heading to the Chicagoland area for some green installs there.
I invite you to stay tuned as I blog on some upcoming future TDI/XGD projects that will be occurring at some famous old clubs, including some cutting edge installation techniques that we will be implemented in the near future.
Bye for now, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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