Interlachen CC XGD Installation

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Again, I was going through some old photos,videos and came across a great XGD video from our installation last October at the Donald Ross designed Interlachen CC in beautiful Edina,MN. Our parent firm TDIGolf completed a bunker restoration here about five years ago under the guidance of golf restoration specialist Brian Silva in preparation for the  63rd US Women’s Open hosted at Interlachen. This video showcases one of our crews in action at this fantastic golf venue:

The highly acclaimed subsurface internal greens drainage installation here on their three worst greens has also spurred on several other clubs in the Minneapolis area to investigate our unique process further to see if it might be a fit at their respective facilities. Of course, a unique combination of heat and precipitation during this past summer has initiated this investigation of our all of our services as well, as we have also sent out several regrassing estimates to MN. These regrassing estimates have also been popular really across the entire country as clubs strive to preserve their most valuable asset, their original greenpads.

At XGD, we feel we can be a great partner with any club as they look to modernize their classic greenpads, through the use of our Classic XGD process, or in conjunction with a regrassing effort to update or change old turf species, to more climate tolerant varieties, be it in the north with poa to bent conversions or the southern regions, which may update their bermuda species with a modern mini-verde variety like XGD did for Trump International in West Palm Beach,FL.

So drop us a line, if we might be able to visit your facility, and provide some budget numbers for your next greens restoration.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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