Internal Greens Drainage at Interlachen CC

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Just busting through my picture archives and came across this gem of yours truly (Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer) working my butt off on one of the greens at Interlachen CC, Edina,MN. This was just before the XGD Field Day we had here late this fall when we completed some greens at this fabulous Donald Ross layout in the Twin Cities area.

The  XGD installation project at Interlachen CC was performed on some of the worst performing greens here. As usual, now it will be a wait and see attitude by the club to determine if the XGD System is a benefit to the greens.  At XGD we understand this thought process, and have grown to embrace this form of marketing from the very beginning, however inefficient to our installation operation it may be considered.We are confident that our internal subsurface greens drainage system will aid superintendent Matt Rostal in how he manages these formerly problematic greens. At XGD we believe our process is one of the single most important tool in any superintendent’s arsenal, the ability to control and remove the useless gravitational groundwater from your greens profile and replace the pore space with much needed oxygen in a high stress summer environment. That’s a win/win situation for our clients and XGD Systems.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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