Interview: Steven Tate (TDIGolf) Part 2

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Part II of an interview with TDIGolf vice president Steve Tate revolves around some of the upcoming projects they have on the books for 2010:

ML: Steve, what projects are you carrying over from 09 to the spring?

ST: As we discussed, Lambton GC in Toronto probably won’t be complete until late June. The Cape Arundel GC restoration will wrap up in May, and we have some more work at Waubeeka Golf Links with Mark Mungeam . Also, not really a carryover, but Knollwood CC in Chicagoland will be using us again to complete a tee renovation through Keith Foster .

ML: What fresh , new projects has TDIGolf secured?

ST: We are completing a total restoration at Dallas CC with architect John Fought , whom we have worked with at Rosedale GC in Toronto. The project starts on May 1st through September. Part of the impetus for this project is a clubhouse expansion that will infringe on many holes on this tight property. Basically, rerouting numerous holes that will include new greens/tees/bunkers and associated drainage works. They will be redesigning the features in a classic architecture style.
Another big one for us is a restoration at the CC of Little Rock with Keith Foster. This is a spring/ summer project as well and scope includes new greens/tees and bunkers.

ML: You have been really busy in Ontario over the past few years, anything else on the agenda back home?

ST: Yes, actually we are doing some work at Thornhill GC in Toronto. The impetus at Thornhill is irrigation water storage. We are building an irrigation storage reservoir on the old property, and some holes need to be modified in order to shoehorn in the reservoir. Predominantly regrading, and some greens/tees/bunkers. The archie on this is Doug Carrick .

ML: Thanks for sharing some of these exciting projects with the 2 people that actually read this blog.

ST: No problem, are you referring to the 2 people reading this rag as you and I?

ML: Funny guy.

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