Is XGD Systems a lot like “Making Sausage”?

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I was recently recalling what a client of mine revealed that is probably a fairly consistent and relevant thought in our world of golf. That thought being that most superintendents feel this way about XGD: “I enjoy the time when XGD Systems is finished, and packing up and getting ready to leave” that particular club. The fact of the matter is that most superintendents shutter at the thought of their prized possessions(18 greensites) are prepared for open heart surgery and are “under the knife” , so to speak.
Unfortunately, it is at this time that the superintendent must feel the most vulnerable. They will have no control over the inner workings of that particular greensite, and have to wait until XGD Systems hands them back the keys to the auto, upon installation completion. Is it a helpless feeling? Probably, not quite, but…
So,as the title indicates, I do believe that the installation of XGD is very similar to viewing “sausage being made”. Once you have seen it once, that is quite literally ,all you need to see. The superintendent, by viewing a green under the knife, finds it extremely nerve wracking to have absolutely no control over the situation at that moment. As I stated, the superintendent has relinquished control, and the less he sees of the operation, until it is complete, the better peace of mind they will have.
Now, the analogy to “sausage making”, might be a little strong. Certainly most people would find it much easier to stomach the visual of the XGD install versus the disturbing visual of actual sausage making. I know that I am completely comfortable during an installation. My worry meter will begin to register if the crew finds itself in a race to beat incoming inclement weather. Of course, when that happens the XGD install can’t occur fast enough in my eyes.
We all as turf managers, need to relax and take a deep breath, during the somewhat stressful time of an XGD install. Hey, as the old saying goes,” leave it up to the professionals(XGD), to bring the project in on time, and on budget”. Still, when we are leaving a site, I know that it is truly the time when a superintendent probably sits back and takes an even deeper breath yet.

Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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