It Takes Wet Soil/Dirt Five Times Longer to Warm Up in the Spring and Salt Flushing in Texas

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Just wanted to drop a note on how ultra important in our eyes it is to get a jump/spike in soil temperature warm up in the spring and 2 more weeks in the fall period as well.
In my travels up to this point in the early summer I have again seen my fair share of winterkill type injuries on putting green surfaces. Compounding that issue is one of the coldest,wettest spring periods on record in the Midwest and East coast areas especially, which results in scary slow germination time frames for new bentgrass seedlings. Many superintendents can’t wait and will resod, but not every golf course can afford that sodding measure. Some have to wait, and I believe that those potential clients could have been best served with our Classic XGD Greens Drainage System to 1) try and help avoid winterkill injuries
                                                                      and  2) aid in recovery times significantly (2 weeks faster)
due to increased soil aeration with the removal of useless, gravitational groundwater from the green soil profile resulting in faster germination on any playing surface at your turfgrass facility.

 As you can see of this photo of our February 2011 project at Meadowbrook CC in Lubbock,TX. after talking to superintendent Mike Painter this morning our XGD Classic Green Drainage and select Green Regrading/Resodding efforts are beginning to take hold with 8″ deep root growth action with the the new sod of Dominant Extreme creeping bentgrass working to their advantage. The club is in a drought situation with high winds/heat since early February. But, our XGD laterals have grown in and rooted well.

Progressive superintendent Mike Painter is now flushing his soil pushup greens/XGD on a monthly basis to push his bicarbonates deeper in to the soil profile. At Madowbrook CC the irrigation is 100% reclaimed water which brings with it its challenges to maintenance, but also the ability to utilize it for salt flushing purposes is a home run in our eyes.

I will be visiting Meadowbrook this summer to review first hand how XGD Systems is aiding this high desert area client manage his irrigation water practices.

Best Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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