Making An Impact With XGD Fairway Drainage

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XGD has been very fortunate to get a winter project on the fairways at the highly acclaimed Alotian Club in Roland, Arkansas. Initially, they signed on for over 20,000 lineal feet of XGD fairway drainage. After we got one partial hole completed in December, the club has significantly increased the scope of work, and we have had to mobilize more staff to the project.

XGD Projects Manager Matt Magarian has been on site and with his new iphone, I have been pestering him for more telling pictures and video of our unique subsurface internal drainage process, and he has come through with flying colours, as can be seen by the following picture exhibiting the striking difference between a drained fairway area and an undrained area:

If you look closely on the right half of the picture you can see the XGD fairway drainage laterals terminating just short to the middle of the picture.
The dark colour of the zoysiagrass fairway on the left exhibits how wet they truly are, as the gravitational groundwater table is right at the surface. Also, notice Matt terminated the XGD laterals at the base of the slope, as initially we went after the wettest areas of these fairways. Yet, even after a heavy precipitation event, the surface water may have runoff the top of the slope, but the groundwater sure has not.

Over the holidays the management staff and owner of the Alotian Club, drove out on the fairways with golf carts after a 2″ rain event. As evidenced above on this hole, they could only drive on the areas where Matt had drained, and couldn’t drive on some of the normally higher ground areas, as the water table was at the surface. Hence, the proof was in the pudding so to speak, and their desire to have more consistent playing conditions drove them to increase the scope of work.

One final note, one flaw of zoysiagrass might be that once it gets wet it is highly unmanageable as compared to most other warm and even cool season grasses, especially so during dormancy, as is the case during our project at Alotian. Matt’s photo certainly illustrates the impact our XGD fairway drainage can have, so please feel free to contact us or the Alotian Club if you desire some of the finest turf conditions at your club or sports field. For more information, on the specific spacing and techniques used at Alotian please review my December blog on XGD Fairway Drainage Results which details the specifications we used at Alotian.

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