March Madness: XGD/TDI Style

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Unseasonably cool mornings greeted us as we began Westchester CC earlier this week. So much so that the greensite was frozen in the morning hours from the cold, mixed with the high winds at the club early Monday. XGD is in its own version of “March Madness” NCAA style.

XGD Systems is in full swing by March. It is a joy this time of year that there are few golfers at our sites yet, and if the weather is dry, it is our busiest time during the spring installation season. We also just began a project at Baltimore CC this week. This club is also host to the 2007-10 Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship. Many clubs in the mid Atlantic are nearing their official opening dates for the golf season and we are under the gun for completion dates this time of year.

TDIGolf just began a renovation project with Mark Mungeam at Lyman Orchards GC in Middlefield, CT. TDI is renovating one of their 18’s here, including bunker,fairway work, and extensive mainline drainage installations. A portion of these mainlines will serve as outlets for the fairway XGD installation on several holes at this club. Working with TDIGolf is a great fit for XGD Systems and Lyman Orchards GC, and the management team at Billy Casper Golf . In this tag team setup the clients receive premier golf restoration services in one complete single company package. Many clubs are reaping the benefit of a single outside restoration contractor servicing their unique agronomic situations. Other recent examples of this cooperation have included Westmoor CC, near Milwaukee,WI, Islington GC near Toronto, and the Toronto GC this coming summer.

The NCAA 64 team tournament is a true gem of a final three week playoff filled with great student athletes competing for university sports supremacy. With the one and done relationship they have with the NBA, it has become extremely hard to stand out in this tourney. These days there are fewer real stars in this madness, save for Blake Griffin at Oklahoma. The rest of the stars seem to blend in with each other. Perhaps adding one more year of college before your NBA career begins might bring back the “juice” to this most famous original version of March Madness.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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