Medina G&CC, MN XGD Fairway Drainage Project

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XGD Operations Manager Matt Magarian recently completed an XGD fairway drainage project at Medina G&CC just west of Minneapolis. The club opened in 1969, and was designed by Charles Maddox, and is known for its large, undulating greens. However, XGD was contracted to alleviate fairway drainage issues the golf facility was experiencing on its 18th hole.

GCS Erin McManus recently received 1.6″ of rain this past Sunday at his facility and posted a video to his club’s blog, of the enhanced playability of this fairway after the recent heavy precipitation events. He seems pretty sure the club has received instant value from their capital investment with XGD, as he sent us this picture of their 18th fairway under the XGD knife:

So, please reach out to us at XGD if we can help out the playability of your sporting playing surface.

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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