Mount Kisco CC XGD Fairway Drainage Install

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I took it upon myself to change it up on here today and focus your attention to an XGD Fairway Drainage Installation project at Mount Kisco Country Club in upper Westchester County in New York.
Please take the time to check out their site and their unique club history involving timing of original golf architect Tom Winton on 1928, and following up with a maintenance upgrade by A.W. Tillinghast in the late 1930’s.

As is evidenced by the picture below the intensity of our process at an 8′ drainage lateral spacing:

These internal subsurface 2″ XGD fairway drainage installation will make a huge impact on the maintenance and playability of the golf fairway. With the above average rainfall occurrences over the last two years the club felt it was time to upgrade their fairway drainage infrastructure. The above XGD drainage laterals are tied in to mainlines and offer quick easy surface and subsurface characteristics for the XGD client on their problem fairways.
The backfill sand used in this project from DeLea Sod Farms is percing around 15-20″/hour, so with the narrow trench width above of 3.5 inches, the existing fairway grasses can grow over the trenches quickly, and provide drainage for this golf hole for the long term.

So reach out to us review your fairway drainage needs so we can complete your worst hole at your facility to show how the XGD process can aid in the golf playability and maintenance issues you may be experiencing with the weather extremes these past few years.

Thanks, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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