Native Dirt Greens at Old Elm Club

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Matt Magarian and crew just finished up an install here at this golf treasure on the north shore in Highland Park,IL. Club was established in 1913 and publications illustrate a Donald Ross layout. As the name professes there are still a lot of American Elms on site although now the oak tree is becoming prosperous here as well. I must say I generally adore the proliferation of elm trees in the US still as they seemed to have suffered a more severe die back over the years in my home and native land, or there probably just weren’t that many here in the first place. In Canada, I still see quite a few lone elms in farm country fence rows as Dutch Elm Disease hasn’t made its way there in some cases.

The pics also exhibit another major irrigation project by local Illinois firm  Leibold Irrigation,Inc., who are on site completed an HDPE installation headed up by our good friend Brian Wubben. Of note in my second picture is the old soil dirt profile visible which exhibits a 1′ layer of topdressing, on top of a highly organic 2 ” layer, then a 6″ layered mixture of more OM and some sand and some native dirt(probably original green pad), and then the local native “orange coloured” clay beneath. Fascinating layering, which is really quite common in most all pushup green construction of that era. But, it does provide certain agronomic challenges moving forward. Old Elm Club and superintendent Curtis James decided to again utilize the greens drainage services of XGD Systems to help improve and guarantee the long term agronomic success of these historic greens here. After the stressful growing season across most of North America, several clubs are utilizing our services for these purposes. A common thread among all XGD clients revolves around the fact that several of the fungicides they are presently using may not be available in the near future. However, with an internal subsurface greens drainage installation these clubs will have their greens in better condition even before entering the stressful growing season.

So, by all means drop us a line to begin a dialogue with us if your club is considering the single, most important benefit, it could ever to do your golf greens.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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