New Seabury CC XGD Fairway Drainage Impact

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It will be a year ago this coming May when we completed a landmark golf drainage project on Cape Cod in Mashpee at New Seabury CC. Mark Rowan and I were visiting recently to review the impact our fairway drainage improvements made to the ocean level holes at New Seabury.
We were extremely happy to learn that the first 9 holes to open of the 36 they have to choose from, course superintendent Scott Nickerson and staff chose the recently restored holes by XGD Systems to our exacting greens drainage standards loosened up a little for our fairway applications. The holes completed by our staff last May were completely grown-in, and you could not identify the location of the XGD drainage laterals or mainlines for that matter. It was a completely dry surface situation we have created for the golfers at New Seabury, after years of plugged lies and sopping wet conditions, the playability factor has been upgraded substantially, and that is capital dollars being well spent.

We also have completed 18 of 36 greens on this site as well, and as you can see with soil temperatures just getting warm enough to begin the grass growing,coloring period.

The internal greens drainage laterals are never more visible than this time of year IMHO. Especially since these subsurface laterals were only installed less than a year ago, they are highly susceptible to leaching through the organic greensmix backfill chosen. A granular fertilizer application this time of year is very noticeable as well, but it is certainly the best time to do it in my opinion, as this will get everything growing consistently.
This would be a solid foundation to begin any agronomic season, good optimal soil moisture spring growing conditions strengthening the turf sward for whatever Mother Nature will want to throw our way during the summer of 2011. So reach out to us if we might be able to develop some budget numbers for your club’s next fairway or greens restoration.  Call us and leave it to the professionals to restore your treasured playing surfaces.

Thanks, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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