New Service – XGD Fairway Installs

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Not a big stretch here for us, as this type of XGD turf application was what got Turf Drain Inc. started in the business over 20 years ago. Now don’t get me wrong on this one, fairway XGD installations have been occurring several times over our vast history, but now we are going to offer this service more publicly to all of our clients combined with masterplan drainage strategies. All of these broad reaching drainage services tie in to to our company philosophy of providing a true turnkey design contractor combination of services unique to each particular site.
XGD Systems will be firing up a fairway XGD install in a few weeks at Lyman Orchards GC in Middlefield,CT. This is a joint project with the mother ship TDIGolf . Also involved are Mungeam Cornish golf design who will be coordinating a bunker restoration project, and several more mainline drainage installations providing out letting for the 35,000′ of 2″ XGD pipe being installed on several holes in the lower lying part of the 18 holes at Lyman Orchards GC . Please refer to their site on the unique 36 holes of golf that they offer to that area of CT. Also, the club is managed by Billy Casper Golf who have a vast list of clubs that they control or manage.
Very shortly too an XGD crew will be at a Cape Cod golf club for some greens and another install of our new service offered, on a smallish version of some fairway XGD. Please contact us if you may be interested in viewing our operation in action at any of our sites, and we would be pleased to meet with you to explain the XGD operation and our unique drainage philosophies based on sound soil water relationship principles.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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