Non-Invasive Surgery for Golf Greens

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Sometimes, a significant amount of XGD sales momentum is lost in the “we are not tearing up our greens” stage in the opening argument for our process.
Perhaps XGD is partly to blame if this occurs as we are the communicators to the outside world of our trademarked greens drainage system, and it’s highly popular XGD fairway drainage system version. If we are communicating to each and every club that an XGD Systems subsurface green drainage installation process is strikingly similar to a non-invasive open heart surgery for your golf green and also that XGD is a 2 day process in the entire lifespan of a pushup golf green(compared to several months of green closure for a modified new sand green), while during those 2 days the golf hole is open with a temporary green in the fairway leading up to the approach, than we are speaking well to our clients. So, in essence upon XGD completion, the club would need to roll/mow for opening the green to normal play. It is at this finished point in the XGD sales cycle where clubs can see why the XGD investment was made. Unlike our competition, when we hand control of the green back to the club, it is completely ready for tournament play if needed. While other installation teams require significant rolling/topdressing of the green before being reopened? Folks, the beauty of XGD is in the finished product right at completion, not a year after others take healing from the unqualified surgeons masquerading in our field.
The whole idea of sustainable turfgrass care requires a little brown turf being tolerated by all. XGD is a means to an end of rebuilding your greens from within, of course without the “rebuilding” step. Numerous clubs have chosen to include our unique greens restoration process as a tool in their arsenal to help achieve firm and fast putting conditions on their green surfaces.
XGD specializes in the historical preservation of classic old soil based pushup golf greens circa: 1920’s era to generalize. Not to say we cannot restore the more modern putting green as well, but the sheer overwhelming number of world class golf greens from that general era is truly remarkable to consider. Golf architects of this time were truly ahead of their time as they designed these classic old pushup greens to hold water, as long as possible really. They knew full well that it was going to be hard to get irrigation water to these early greens, and they were built to literally hold the gravitational water table at or near the surface. Scientific genius in my eyes. But, I digress, golfer expectations have changed. Those greens are not being mowed at 1/2 an inch anymore, and the golf/rounds per season has changed. The wet stressed greens turf is being literally boiled to death with modern cultural practices.
Our unique greens drainage restoration process will pull the plug on the bathtub created by the brilliant golf course architects who came before us. In a sense, modernizing the greens to today’s agronomic standards in 2 days. Most of us aren’t still driving around in cars from the 1920’s are we? Beyond restored treasures I don’t think so. Please contact us to review our wide range of golf green restoration services as well as our fairway drainage system alternatives at and begin the dialogue that will aid in giving your greens a fighting chance this season.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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