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Looking back at this installation project and the details that surround it are similar to a whirlwind. Terry Hart and Cristobal Gayosso completed two really large greens(20,000sqft), in inclement October weather earlier in the week at Chicago GC.Terry and his crews moved to begin Northshore Country Club’s installation project on a Saturday morning and arrived to nearly complete their first green.

Terry’s first really large project included a larger than average crew,complete with tons of experience up and down the staff. Interestingly enough, Mark Rowan’s two crews began a 25 green installation at Ridgewood CC in Paramus, NJ on the same week. Mark is also blessed with a great installation crew as well. Back to the Northshore XGD, Terry and crew completed the installation in 3 weeks time! I had hoped it would go that quickly,but a few details needed to occur for that time window to be achieved: 1)perfect weather,there was only two real rain events 2) keeping mix on site, and keeping it rolling in 3) site coordination,as Terry and Cristobal kept grinding it out to meet the club’s desired deadline. Of course, some needed help from the admin staff was invaluable,as usually is the case on all successful XGD projects.
The early finish at Northshore CC enabled Terry and Cristobal to get on to other important projects in the Chicagoland area before the snowfall/freeze out. Although the project was really “banged out” quickly so to speak, our reliable XGD workmanship wasn’t sacrificed by any means.
Stay tuned for other blogs on XGD installation projects from Canada and the US.
Later, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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