Noyac Golf Club, Wall to Wall XGD Greens and Fairway Drainage

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Matt Magarian and our experienced crew of greens and fairway installation technicians have been on site at Noyac GC in Sag Harbor NY since early November knocking out a huge fairway/greens drainage project including large diameter drainage mains throughout the facility, as well as long term plans to drain every inch of fairway area and surface water areas in the rough grasses. Superintendent Brian Goleski and his team are committed to providing their members easy access to the facility whenever conditions permit, and everyone is in agreement that working with XGD Systems on a large scale project such as this has been rewarding for both parties.

As you can see below, weather conditions on eastern Long Island have permitted our small fairway crews to keep busy through the winter months, as they were yesterday before the snow on some XGD fairway 2″ installations:

Our new high flotation, high speed installations ensure how we can complete any size drainage project, and design build with the superintendent’s input from the beginning.

Of course, the build part of design build is having the infrastructure in place at XGD to install all sizes of drainage mains that can be traversed right across high play areas, with no disruption, just like we are on your greens:

Compacting and returning to play immediately, even in mid January, if need be on eastern Long Island:

So, by all means reach out to us at XGD Systems, and we can have an experienced representative at your doorstep sooner than you might think, to begin measuring up your next greens or fairway XGD infrastructure upgrade.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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