Oakley CC Greens Berms

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The two early October morning pictures from our work at this first Donald Ross layout emphasizes the many mild earthen berms in existence at Oakley CC.
In the first picture the two berms left of the green and the next tee to direct errant shots back to the line of play and the above picture just showing some general smallish berms pleasant to the eye and providing framework for each golf hole. Oakley CC was clearly built near metropolitan Boston, and had no land to expand/lengthen the golf layout after it was built and designed for the original hickory golfer who didn’t have length as an attribute in 1898. So clearly the club gets less publicity because of its tidy length.
The club was meant to glorify the ground game, and the green sites lend themselves to hitting low runners from the best angle to come in to the green to achieve that, so local club knowledge of knowing where to miss these glorious green sites would be helpful early on.

Golf Superintendent Bill Bodemer does an admirable job at Oakley CC, and he believes with the installation of XGD Systems in to all the golf greens soil profiles here, it will help him reduce other inputs in to the care and control of his golf greens, and serve the club better environmentally moving forward in to the future.
At XGD it is a common theme from most all of our clients: as future restrictions may minimize your future effect on the long term agronomic success of your golf greens, why not consider a one time expense of installing our unique greens restoration process in to your clubs greens soil profile?
Our oldest green has been performing for over 18 years old at York Downs G&CC in Markham, Ontario. There is no reason to believe it won’t continue to do so for another 18 years. So please amortize the one-time expense of XGD Systems over a 30 year period much like a mortgage, and our process will cost you pennies/year. Contact us to begin a dialogue on this at XGD Systems

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