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Okay, this latest roid scandal with A-Rod has set me up to ask this question. Is anyone in golf using?

Let’s consider baseball’s freshly squeezed juicer Alex Rodriguez. Alex was the last great hope to break baseballs most cherished individual record, home runs. A-Roid had a chance to take back the record from Barry Bonds(the cheat). Why didn’t anyone question whether A-Rod was on the body juice?

1) his head didn’t grow(unlike Bonds)

2)his stats were consistent(he didn’t go from 30 -70 homers in back to back seasons)

3) he didn’t produce his most prodigious stats at the end of his career(unlike Clemens)

4) he always put on the persona of the good old American boy

Lets face it, A-Rod fooled nearly everybody. All the sports talk radio spoke of A-Rod like he was squeaky clean, and instead pointed their fingers at McGwire, Bonds, Clemens, or Giambi.

So, if we were all fooled by A-Rod, are we also fooled by the PGA or the NHL. I mean really, didn’t the PGA just begin testing their members for performance enhancers as recently as last year. Better late than never, right. Baseball has the worst public image in this roided up sports world, yet they began punishing users years before the PGA. All I’m saying here is, if the poster boy for his sport is a user(A-Rod), then shouldn’t we question all pro athletes including golf, hockey or basketball players? That’s a legitimate question. For all we know several PGA stars could be using HGH(Human Growth Hormone), which is undetectable right now.

For golf’s sake, I sincerely hope Tiger isn’t juicing. But can’t we question how much his upper body has rounded in to form at age 30-31. Some will say he is just growing up in to a mature male adult, and this is natural? Yeah, well with a little help from something called the weight room, at the very least.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our industry needs Tiger back and dominant again. I just hope we never get the scandal from him, it would just be sad day for all of us. As I write this the long term forecast in southern Maryland is unseasonably cool at the moment. XGD supervisors Mark Rowan and Terry Hart are chomping at the bit to mobilize our installation crews,as am I. We just need to be careful not to start too early. Although with the recent warm rains it is starting to feel a little like spring, and XGD needs to join the mother ship ,and fire up production once again. We can’t wait.

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