Prairie Dunes CC Internal Greens Drainage

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Mark Rowan and crew recently completed another batch of greens right in the center of the US in Hutchinson,KS at the legendary Prairie Dunes CC .

The club regrassed to a modern bentgrass a few years ago, but still wasn’t happy with the high moisture content in these classic old Perry Maxwell greens. Thus, our internal subsurface greens drainage process is a perfect fit here. One thing we find as well, is that our XGD laterals rarely are visible on the more pure stands of bentgrass as the bentgrass roots are most happy in the drier, sandy growing medium provided in our XGD backfill material.
As I always say, these savvy old architects designed these original pushup greens to hold water, knowing full well that it would be hard to get water to them in the heat of the summer without modern irrigation. So, Perry Maxwell created minor bathtubs if you will to gather and hold spring, and early summer moisture so it could be utilized during the heat of the summer. Now that is fine and dandy when the club may be getting a few thousand rounds a year and mowing height’s were around a quarter inch. Obviously, golfer expectations have accelerated and at XGD we consider our greens restoration process a most important tool in superintendent Stan George’s arsenal.
In outdoor sports pursuits such as golf, no one can control the weather, but the ability to lower the gravitational groundwater in the green cavity after a rain event, is often said the best monies ever spent on the golf course, as our clients will attest to.

So reach out to us if might be able to assist your club in bringing your greens to the next level.

Cheers, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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