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Some more grass/dirt in the back left here. This is the second green at Toronto GC where alterations were made to the grade in the back of the green by TDIGolf just before our crew arrived and we were able to install the XGD System in to both “Dirt & Grass”. the crew has just 2 greens laft at this historic old tract, after a brief sojourn to Barrie CC, to complete an install there.
Terry Hart’s XGD crews are wrapping up 18 surfaces at CC of Scranton on Monday, before travelling to Oak Hill CC to begin their 6 green endeavour, finally heading to Chicagoland for November.
While at Westchester CC, Mark Rowan’s crews are nicely underway on the last 18 greens here, which in 4 weeks will complete all 36 greens with XGD.
Our hope is that Mother Nature keeps cooperating even a little bit in to the late fall season so the crews can stay close to schedule. it has been several years since our last early freeze out around Thanksgiving in southern MD, and trust me we are due, but hey, who really knows for sure.
Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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