Pushup Greens-Back and Better Than Ever

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How are pushups back??

The expensive,disruptive old golf course remodel experience was once common just a few years ago. Quite often,always included in the old complete course remodel was a rebuild to a modern sand-based green or USGA green.

Fast forward to 2011, and the financial burden of 20 new sand greens at most clubs these days is a worrisome prospect.

This is why alternatives to new construction such as XGD and a gas/regrass project bring down the cost of internal green rebuilds to a manageable level.

XGD and the classic old pushup green are a marriage made in heaven. Savvy,early golf era architects designed greens to hold moisture without automatic irrigation. Old greens were constructed like bathtubs, a subsurface greens drainage system empties the full tub of useless gravitational groundwater and infuses oxygen back in to the soil profile, allowing the greens sward to breathe/cool again in the overnight period especially.

However, with modern turf management trending to crave the ability to irrigate the greens soil on a deep/infrequent basis, XGD helps the superintendent flush any salts/gases through and out of the pushup green soil profile. This photo shows an example of a fine Colt,Alison layout from Chicagoland, Briarwood CC, and XGD is part of their restoration process on all 18 greens here.

So, with internal greens drainage like XGD, the good old fashioned pushup green is making a big comeback indeed. As further greens inputs are continually reduced, doesn’t it make sense for your club to consider an XGD based greens restoration?
Consider, in the next few years, several majors are on sand based greens. I urge you to recognize the year 2013 as two of four golf majors will be hosted on XGD pushup greens.
Halfway to an XGD slam in 2013 when the pushup green makes it all the way back.

Cheers to that, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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