Reesor Forks Trail: Rouge National Urban Park

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Located in Markham, Ontario

Work started in 2019 and is ongoing into 2021

We are currently in our second contract with Park’s Canada to install the spine trail for Rouge National Urban Park . To date we have installed over 7.5 Km of Limestone trail 5 boardwalks, 2 pergolas along with 2 parking lots.

In the present contract we are in the process of completing 3 Fibreglass boardwalks totaling 359 meters, a pergola and an observation deck. These boardwalks are a pilot project for Park’s Canada. The whole premise behind these boardwalks is to install a product that is extremely long lasting, maintenance free and can be used in environmentally sensitive areas as the product doesn’t rot or leach when in contact with water and wet areas.

We feel after working with and researching these fibreglass boardwalks that we are on the cusp of a new and sustainable idea in the landscape construction sector. After everything that happened in 2020 which resulted in the scarcity of pressure treat lumber we are of the belief that these boardwalks may become the way of the future. With similar structural qualities of steel but at a fraction of the weight it allows this product to be used in areas where access is limited. These boardwalks were designed by the teams at WSP in conjunction with Ian Gray and Fibregrate.

Being one of the only fibreglass boardwalk installers in Canada please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have for future projects.

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