Regrassing Golf Greens w/XGD

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This is a pretty hot topic right now. We are getting several calls on this very subject enquiring if a regrassing effort in conjunction with a subsurface greens drainage installation might be a club’s answer to avoid poor summer golf green conditions in the future?
Let’s face it, greens are thinning everywhere, and all kinds of green construction methods are being discussed as viable alternatives. An internal greens drainage installation to relieve high groundwater pressure in conjunction with a regrassing effort to a modern bentgrass variety could be the difference at your club the next stressful year, as all your neighbour clubs greens check out with their poa annua greens surfaces, you may be left with an easier to manage stand of turf.
In northern climates it has to be advantageous to reduce ice damage as bentgrass can survive under heavy ice for 90 days or more, while the poa will check out much sooner, and leave you a mess after the thaw. Herein lies the XGD edge , our unique greens drainage restoration process simply provides a stronger sward of turfgrass going in to the stressful summer season. If your poa or bentgrass had winter damage,and/or your greens had no internal greens drainage than you cannot have the same turf vigor as another club down the road has with XGD. It starts right after the greens thaw out(if your ground freezes). XGD Systems will start drying out your gravitational groundwater table immediately creating faster soil warming than non-XGD greens, as we have removed the useless gravitational groundwater keeping the soil temps cooler. We find an XGD green will warm up two weeks faster than a non-XGD green, creating deeper roots earlier in the spring and later in the fall storing food longer. Combined with a modern bentgrass variety that is proven more winter/summer hardy than any annual bluegrass, what is not to like about your improved chances at finer green conditions?
So please contact us if we can get you some XGD/Regrassing budget estimates. Our affiliation with TDIGolf allows us with a fine resume of clubs we have improved turf conditions at, either with XGD alone, or a combination of XGD with a regrassing effort. Call us to provide you with some numbers on this turnkey operation.
Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer
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