Ridgemoor CC XGD Installation Update

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If you can tell I am getting a little low on original material, than this picture may illustrate that much more positively. This picture of some internal subsurface greens drainage install is from a slightly higher angle them my previous post but it shows more of the green in total and as always catches the team in not always their best looking condition. I might say the picture is not unlike the hair style of a “mullet”, all business up in the front of the green and ready for play, while the rear is long, wavy and prepared for nothing:

Some ominous looking weather in the background never materialized during my few hours spent on site at venerable,old Ridgemoor Country Club. As you can see above the green Jesus Bautista is working on is our XGD version of the herringbone drainage system. The only tool we may plagiarize from this archaic layout is the installation of the mainline in the lowest point through the green. Our laterals are not angled like a true herringbone typical in a USGA green construction, rather they are more perpendicular to subsurface groundwater flow, and therefore always working hard for each green’s XGD investment.

Jesus and crew have the last three greens of a 10 green project left to complete this week for superintendent Peter Hahn, before they move on to other Chicagoland projects. So if you are curious in Chicago, and want to come out and take a look at one of our crews in action, it is as easy as picking up the phone, and letting us know when you would like to come out. Even bring some other members from your club with you. The more eyes we get on us, the easier it is sell our process to your club, and help guarantee the long term agronomic success of your treasured old putting surfaces.

Later,Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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