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Obvious to admit I am extremely off topic here, but had to boast on these new hiking shoes I have purchased in Guelph.

As you can tell by the pic they appear to look/feel like a tennis/running shoe yet are much tougher,waterproof, yet lightweight.

Waterproofed throughout with Gore-Tex, which are going to keep my feet drier reviewing greens with clients in the morning dew. Also, during my pasture golf expeditions, which again are early morning dewy affairs. These sweet new Merrell’s will be great at traversing the slippery bluff at Bruce Beach GC, both going up at #3, and down at #8.

So far they are completely comfortable, and are built for moderate climates to be nearly all season. Yet another use will be for insertion in to snow shoe clamps if we ever get another serious dumping of snow this winter. One concern I have heard though they may be sore initially during the break-in period? Anyone with experience with these boots out there?

Regards, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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