Skokie Country Club, IL Greens Drainage Restoration

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We are just completing a great project on the north shore of Chicago, converting another classic golf club in to an XGD believer. Keith Kirsch and crew recently wrapped up the five green retrofit of greens drainage in to the worst performing greens at Skokie CC, IL . This club is an example of another golf treasure in the area having hosted the US Open in 1922. Chicagoland was a prominent host of Open golf at the turn of the century.

I especially dig the above picture as it illustrates Skokie CC GCS Don Cross’s long term tenure here. That being the fine sand growing medium with those turf grass roots dangling downward in to to the deep tine sand channels evident on all his greens soil profiles.
These sound agronomic practices have just been waiting to make the connection from this upper soil profile down 16″ to our XGD lateral pipes, aka the lower soil profile.

Skokie CC recently had a 2.2″ precipitation event overnight, and these previously worst performing greens were the only greens ready for mowing first thing in the morning. A sort of night and day, groundwater moisture improvement. It is projects like these that convert all of our clients in to long term believers of our simple groundwater control philosophies for greens infrastructure improvement.

So, give us a shout if we can aid in your facility being an XGD believer as well.

Thanks, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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golf green with flag courtesy of XGD systems