Springvale GC,OH Greens/Bunker Restoration Project

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I wanted to update you all on our recent project start up for The City of North Olmsted, OH at Springvale Golf Course just southwest of Cleveland. After a summer of record rainfall and above average temperatures the municipality embarked on a greens/bunker/fwy drainage restoration with yours truly at XGD and overseen by golf course architect Barry Serafin .
Project scope includes the surgical installation of our subsurface internal greens drainage process in to most all of the greens at Springvale, bunker sand replacement and select bunker renovations, and with some new fairway drainage infrastructure to top it off.
Superintendent Phil Bova has been a pleasure to work with as well, and all parties with the city are thrilled to be getting a nice face lift for the golf facility, which will aim to keep it current and much more playable than other clubs in the area.

Below is a pic of XGD Project Supervisor Tom Hundley with the plans imparting some form of “dirt wisdom” to his attentive staff members:

The subsurface XGD install process is well underway with a real great staff completing about a green a day here. This whole golf course restoration is being completed with the course fully open for play, except for the specific XGD green we are installing on. Another challenge at Springvale is also nightly golf league play. XGD staff work closely with the golf course staff to ensure that we are possibly finishing up with a green between 4-6pm, and have that completed green immediately open for play as shown below on the sixth green, as the guys are “working the brooms’, getting that final sand skiff buried in the golf green, and smoothing ball roll before opening this green for play in about 10 minutes time.

Also in the background of the above pic you can see some birdbath areas being topped up with the greens spoils from our XGD trenching operation. All the while providing sustainable conditions with few inputs, and leaving the dirt as close to the original site/footprint as possible, reusing it in a constructive manner. To this point, we find our XGD clients may use less chemical inputs to leave the greens in a playable manner than other non XGD pushup greens in the same climate.
Let’s face it in the near future, less and less inputs to the course will be the blueprint to sustainable, affordable golf for generations to come.

Bye for now, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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