Standing Water Over Top of an XGD Lateral??

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Folks it happens, and almost always in the fall installation period. Let me explain the circumstances leading up to this terrible, disheartening situation!

1. The XGD process is different than most have learned in school and with experience. Water moves from the bottom up and rarely from top down.
2.After a season of rolling,compacting and little to no aerification before our crew arrives a layer of surface tension is created at the sod/air interface.
3.The surface tension is further increased by the compaction steps in the XGD installation process, which occurs over the entire green with our extensive plywood use.
4.Once XGD is complete further rolling is completed to open for play, again increasing the surface tension.

So, from time to time I will get the call from clubs that the process isn’t working when truly beneath the turf the water table has been lowered. When conditions are favourable an aerification needs to be scheduled to break through the surface tension. In all XGD situations this relieves the surface water problem. Now I can’t speak to XGD knockoffs, as there are a host of other variables involved that could cause a failure in their systems, that I won’t get into.

Please feel free to comment or question this position.

Out, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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