Subsurface Greens Drainage = Soil Temperature Spike

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With all the new soil temperature/salinity sensors available to superintendents, I don’t have any confirmed data on this topic, just my humble observation and 25 years of dirt and grass instincts, but let me impart this tidbit on you all. That being, we believe an XGD green will experience a two week head start on soil temperature warm up in the spring, and an additional two weeks in the fall, than another non-xgd green at your club or facility. This picture below from the third green at the Baltimore Country Club recently illustrated a green tinge at the back portion of the green where we were snowed out from last December, and are now returning to complete this green among others here.

BCC superintendent Tim Kennelly and XGD Manager Matt Magarian noticed the flare of green at the back portion of this green from  along ways out and Matt exclaims the picture does not do it justice vs. the real live view of this putting surface. This portion of the green has had the water table controlled 8″-12″ deep in to the soil profile, while the front portion has the subsurface groundwater table very close to the upper rootzone resulting in a cooling effect coming out of the winter months, leaving soil temperature spikes directly up to Mother Nature and her whimsical ways of determining a wet or dry average spring temperature. Of course, it is usually a cool, wet period not conducive to warm soil temperatures, especially coming out of a severe winter period. We view an internal greens drainage installation as the ultimate tool in the superintendent’s arsenal. A one time installation that has lasting agronomic effects as witnessed by our 18 year track record, having originally developed this process through TDIGolf.

There are varying opinions of turfgrass root depth and quality, but if you add the two weeks in the fall of warmer soil temperatures going from a wet fall period in to the winter season, that adds up to a spike in soil temperature of four weeks, including spring and fall periods. Sounds like a no- brainer to me, but don’t take my word for it, feel free to contact any and all on our client list to receive a detailed opinion on the XGD/client relationship. Pre, during, and post XGD experiences are all followed up by the trusty staff employed by XGD, ensuring our industry leading reputation is secure for years to come.

So reach out to us if we might be an enhancement for your next greens upgrades.

Thanks, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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