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Having worked with both the US and Cdn Thanksgiving over the last 20 years or so an observation from me might suggest I prefer the later date of the American version, and how it molds in to a four day weekend weekend late in November when you really need it most, which in turn begins the consumer cycle to Christmas Day. No national pride partiality involved here, I call it as I see it between our 2 countries. How do I see it? Both countries are eerily similar and need to get over themselves from time to time.

I am going to take this truly unique Canadian holiday to give back to our customers and include perimeter/interceptor drains where needed at no extra price. Just something we have been doing all along but never truly realized it is another way to distinguish ourselves from any XGD knockoffs that may exist out there. Our installation staff has decades of training in how to review each greensite as a mini watershed, and thus take in to account the various ground and surface water tendencies of each.
The above picture indicates one of the undulating green sites at CC of Scranton . Having performed our process on over thousands of greens from Florida to Maine, I must admit the greens at Scranton are in a class of their own, with curvy movements you won’t find anywhere else. The XGD project with 3 crews is progressing well and should be complete in about 2 weeks, before these crews move on to Oak Hill CC and Westchester County, NY.
Until Next Time, Poor Old Dirt & Grass Farmer

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